How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

How To Get Google AdSense Approved : The easiest way to make money online right now is to make money from blogs or websites. And one of the ways to earn money from blog or website is to earn money through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising networks in the world. Because AdSense ads are user friendly. AdSense also has the most revenue opportunities from the rest of the network.

But if you want to place AdSense ad on your website or blog, you have to get your blog or website approved first. This means that if you want to place AdSense ads on your website, then first of all you have to apply for it in AdSense. After applying, one of their representatives will visit your website and see if your website complies with all AdSense requirements. If you agree, they will approve your website for ad placement.

How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

But most people are frustrated when it comes to getting an AdSense account approved and give up all hope.

Because they apply without complying with the AdSense terms, their account is not approved and they are not born with frustration. They may not be able to do this by themselves. In fact, if you adhere to the terms of AdSense, you will easily get the approval of AdSense.

However, in today’s post I will discuss with you how to get Google AdSense approval quickly.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval
How To Get Google AdSense Approval

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A quick way to get Google AdSense
Ways to get Google AdSense
One of the main conditions for getting AdSense approval is compliance with all AdSense terms and conditions or policies. Google AdSense is smarter than you. Many people think that AdSense will understand if they break the rules a little but they can understand And AdSense is a little more aware of their rules. So no kind of trickery can be done without forgetting. So let’s see what you need to do to get Google AdSense: –

1) Top level domain Needed

For newcomers, let’s first discuss what a domain is. In the link to your website. com ,. net etc. There are different types of extensions. These are called domains.

These domains usually have to be bought If you want to get AdSense approval quickly, you must first get a top level domain. Now many people want to work with Blogger’s free subdomain Yes, you can also get AdSense approval with Blogger subdomain. But that is a matter of time.

How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

And with subdomains you will not be able to earn money as expected because the CPC of subdomain websites is much lower. And many people think that first I will earn money with free domain then I will invest and buy domain. For them, if you first get AdSense approval with subdomain, then your AdSense account will be in the name of that subdomain.

Now the decision is yours. If you want to work with subdomains, then you can do it, otherwise you can take a domain. At present, top level domains are available for 100-200 rupees. And if you buy a domain, you will get many benefits and you will get quick AdSense approval.

2) There must be some useful pages

Most newcomers miss this topic most of the time. Even when I missed it. According to Google’s terms, a website must have some important pages, they are: – About us, Privacy policy, contact us, disclaimer. You just have to create these pages and not leave them blank. These pages have to have suitable content
3) The loading speed of the website should be good

Many people who build websites on WordPress have slower website speed. There are many reasons for slowing down, such as: – If the hosting is not good, if there is a problem with the website theme, if there are too many plugins installed on the website, then the website slows down. A lot of the time if the theme is not good then the blogger’s website also slows down but since the blogger’s hosting is from Google, it rarely happens here. And good website speed is very important to get fast adsense approval.

4) Do not use any kind of copy article

This is the most important thing. Newcomers often make the mistake of copying an article from someone else and publishing it on a website. This is completely illegal in the eyes of Google.

Many of us spin articles using different spinning tools or publish them with subtitles from YouTube videos. Now a lot of article writing tools have come out. If you buy those tools with money and write the subject of the article, you will write the whole article.

How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

In fact, these are illegal ways from the point of view of Google. Now I see that many people on YouTube encourage newcomers to do such things. In fact, if you write an article by doing these, then you will never get AdSense approval. Even if you get it, you will not be able to earn income.

Because if you don’t have the quality of the article, no one will come to read your article. So my recommendation would be to write and post the article yourself. If necessary, get information with the help of Google to write an article, but do not follow the above mentioned methods.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. If articles could be written so easily, they would never have spent so much money In the new situation, I also suffered a lot for this mistake, so I ask you to write the article yourself. Work in an honest way

5) Articles should be between 1000-1500 words

Many people write articles of 400-500 words. Google never likes short articles. So the article should be written in at least 1000-1500 words Then you will easily get AdSense approval.

6) Must be at least 25 articles

Many people write articles by themselves but after writing 5/6 hours they apply for AdSense. Brother, why are you in such a hurry to earn income? The income of this website can be your future income source. Why are you in such a hurry? You write at least 25 quality quality articles and then apply for AdSense.

7) Do not use copyrighted images

Most newcomers don’t understand copyrighted images. They download images from Google and use them in articles. In fact, the images downloaded from Google are copyrighted images.

Copyright image means that the images have already been used by a website. If you use that image again, you will not receive AdSense approval. If you need photos, you can download them from various copyright free image websites.

8) Do not use any other ad network

Many people use an ad network before AdSense. In fact, there is no rule in AdSense that no other ad network can be used. But if you don’t have another ad network, you can get AdSense approval quickly.

So when you apply for AdSense, do not use any other network ad. You can use it after you get the approval.

9) Do not write articles on illegal topics

According to Google AdSense policy, some topics are completely illegal, such as: movie downloads, hacking, adult, etc. If you are thinking of creating a website with these issues, then forget about AdSense. Because these topics are never approved by AdSense. And do not write any article on your website with these topics.

10) Keep the website neat and tidy

No one likes messy things, not just Google. So you have to arrange the content of your website and the website in a beautiful way. It is necessary to create such a menu by dividing the articles of the website into different topics If you keep the website tidy then you can easily get AdSense approval. And your website must be mobile friendly.

If you can create a website by following all the above, then it is possible to get Google Adsense approval very easily and in a short time.

Some words

Many people find blogging easy. In fact, it is not as easy as people think. Many people just fall behind AdSense and then get AdSense approval but can’t make income. Reverse AdSense account is banned. The reason is that AdSense is a means of earning money, AdSense will pay you only when visitors come to your website. And visitors will come only when your content will be good, the website will be beautiful

So instead of turning your back on AdSense, focus on bringing in visitors. AdSense will come automatically. Never again will you be able to do something illegal because you may not be caught today but you will be caught tomorrow.

How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

So work honestly and one day you will succeed. Success never comes overnight It comes after a long struggle. So from today onwards, you too should start studying. One day you too will succeed.

Many people ask how many visitors are needed to get AdSense approval? The answer is zero, that is, if your website does not have visitors but all the rules of AdSense, then you will get approval without hesitation.

Many people think that some ad categories of AdSense are not valid in Islam. Since you will earn from this adsense, your income may not be valid in Islam. So Muslim readers will only work if they know this well.

How To Get Google AdSense Approved | Google AdSense Approval Tips

Last word

Thanks for reading Google Ways to Get Adsense. Please let us know in the comments what the post looked like. And if you like it, read the rest of our posts and stay with us.

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